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The pit - الحفرة


 let your body go to the horizon, fly like another creature. All you need is a spirit that intend to start and dance freely and a rhythm accompanies that spirit. move is the point of departure. The movement comes with melody and rhythm. On the stage the movement chimes with rhythm and melody. The frequency of movement increases when the frequency and intensity of the melody increases and sometimes the opposite. Sometimes silence and calm forms a melody that caresses the body of the dancer to get out of his body those movements resulting from a spiritual compatibility between silence and movement.

Konzept und Bühne : Maher Abdul Moaty
Musik/ Improvisation : Holger Mertin
Tanz / Improvisation: Maher Abdul Moaty
Licht : Salma Nasser.
Trailer : Verena Edge
Eine Produktion von Fenster zum Osten - shibak sharqi GmbH mit Harake Dance Company

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