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«Red riding hood and the wolf» decide to rebel and change norms as they
do not care about what people expect them to do.

Red Riding Hood - A piece of dance and puppet - show

A new version of The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales after an idea of Maher Abdul Moaty
Dance: Maher Abdul Moaty and Aifric Ní Chaoimh
Puppeteer and wolf mask: Pascale Toniazzo
Music: Saif Al-Khayyat
Wolf costume: Stephan Vanecek
Photographer: Bettina Bartzen
narrators: Hannah and Uta Ensch

Video: Raoul Schmitz

Marketing Manager: Lina Qtet
A production of the Association "menschMITmensch" - Trier/Germany
In TUFA Trier, on 8 July 2017


Photography: Bettina Bartzen


The show is based on puppets which transform to real dancers on stage and the reverse. In my new version of this story (in the show) you will not see the wolf as a predator -like we are used to- who wants to eat the little girl . This time the little girl does not adhere to her mother who has told her to take the short way and avoid strangers, instead she decides to pick up a flower and give it as a symbol of friendship to the first one she meets on her way. That was what she did.

While the little riding hood is picking up the flower, a wolf sees her and does not like the idea of someone destroying the forest -his home. He understands that it is of his responsibility to get the flower at all costs and plant it back. Suddenly the little girl streches forward her hand offering the flower to the wolf -her new friend- and asks him to play with her. The wolf accepts the flower and become a friend with the little riding hood. They play untill the evening then the girl tells the wolf that she has to deliver food to her granny and asks him to follow her. However the narrator does not like this ending, he makes the wolf detain the little riding hood as in the original story.

A message to the parents

In real life and in the classical story of the Little Red Riding Hood people adhere to what their parents tell them for instance, to take the shorter road instead for the long one because it is safer. I believe that parents forget that it is the long road which gives more life experience and not the short one. While children discover their way on their own they gain this life experience that helps them to understand people better. This is the main idea that I based the entire story on.

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