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The choreographer and dancer Maher Abdul Moaty

started his dance education in Damascus. During his professional life as a dancer, he developed his knowledge of different dance styles and expanded his experiences. Maher loves to be challenged by different styles.

He creates his own expression of movement by combining traditional Arab dance and European contemporary dance. He is involved in many national and international dance projects. As a choreographer he focuses on recent issues of our society. 

Maher loves to combine different cultural perspectives and believes in the process of sharing intercultural ideas and viewpoints in order to create an organic new piece of dance. In the continual search of a new body language and a new way to move the human body, the essentials are power, dynamism, spirit and mind. With listening to the outer and inner rhythm of our bodies and lives.

Maher lives in Germany since 2015 and works as a free-lance dancer, choreographer and producer.

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2010 - present
2010 - present